Virtual Osteology Research Academy (vORA)

27.09.2021 - 28.09.2021

27-28 September 2021

Non-invasive Methods and Translational Research

The Virtual Osteology Research Academy will take place on the Global Osteology Community Platform THE BOX.  The registration fee is CHF 30.00.
It is best to register on THE BOX before the first live webinar so that your account is already set up when the Virtual Osteology Research Academy starts. 

The speakers will address fundamentals of research in regenerative dental medicine with a focus on research design, models and methodology.

The 2 hours live sessions on Monday and Tuesday will focus on:

Non-invasive imaging tools and analyses for preclinical and clinical research
Biomarkers and patient reported outcomes in clinical research
Tissue engineering concepts for bone regeneration
Experimental and translational research models for periodontal therapy

The on-demand content will address different aspects of research approaches, and topics beyond that may be use for new investigators in the field of regenerative dentistry. For example ethical considerations in pre-clinical research, clinical trial management, microbiological factors, digital planning, radiological analysis and statistical principles.