Osteology-EFP Virtual Live Surgery Day


We are very excited to introduce you to our latest collaboration. We have teamed up with EFP to bring the first Osteology-EFP Virtual Live Surgery Day on 17 June 2021 to you, wherever you are. Save the date in your agenda now!

Session I: Treatment of mandibular recessions: Why, when and how?
In the first session moderated by Mariano SanzMartina Stefanini will give a keynote presentation entitled "Recession coverage in the mandible: possibilities and limits", followed by a surgery by Anton Sculean - live from the University of Bern. Afterwards, Martina Stefanini and Anton Sculean will join Andreas Stavropoulos and Giovanni Salvi in the studio for a panel discussion with Q&A.

Session II: Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis: Why, when and how?
The second session will be moderated by Giovanni Salvi. It starts with a keynote presentation entitled "Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis: possibilities and limits" held by Frank Schwarz followed by a live peri-implantitis surgery in the anterior zone performed by Andreas Stavropoulos. Both will then join Mariano Sanz and Anton Sculean for a panel discussion in the studio, including Q&A.

Sounds interesting to you? Then don't hesitate and mark the date in your agenda by clicking the links below!

Live Surgery Session I
Live Surgery Session II

Further information can be found at www.efp.osteology.org. Registration opens on 12 April 2021.

We are looking forward to seeing you online!

The Osteology Foundation